"Girls deliver ice. Heavy work that formerly belonged to men only is being done by girls. The girls are delivering ice on a route and their work requires brawn as well as the patriotic ambition to help." September 16, 1918.

Work in progress, Comic based on the ballad 'Tam Lin.' 
'When she came to Carterhaugh,
'Tam Lin was at the well,
'And there was his fine steed standing,
'But away was himself.
'She had not pulled a double rose,
'A rose but only two,
'Till up came then young Tam Lin…'

Oh man!  This makes my mouth water — so good!
Spring Petals Scarf
by Ragamuffin —  This pattern is available for free on Ravelry.
Note: pic © myladystitches
"Mama, I said
He wants to kiss me
And he won’t take no for an answer
She turned to me, eyes blazing
God help me, she said
Who taught these boys you are something to be had?
Don’t they know that your name means strength,
That your father gave it to you knowing what a force you would be?
You’re a wildfire, don’t they know?
You’re the entire ocean, not a puddle
They’ll come up choking for air
Next time you turn your head away from his lips and he turns it back,
Tell him your mother taught you that your body is a temple
Let him kneel before you
Let him pray in a whispered fervor
Let him swear his allegiance
Let him prove his devotion
Honey, you’re a goddamn wildfire
You choose who you burn"

Fortesa Latifi - Mama (via madgirlf)

reblogging because for me, the message behind this poem is so very important to spread- you don’t owe anyone your body in any way, shape or form. give it freely when you want to and keep it to yourself if that feels better. you don’t owe it to anyone.

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"You’re an invertebrate scum sucker whose moral dipstick’s about two drops short of bone dry."
— Fox Mulder


☼☼ a blog post about catching waves ☼☼

costumes i have known and loved: rock lobster/the ocean

"Whenever I did a show in the park, Doris would come over and watch for a bit. Then one day, she came up to me, and without having ever spoken to me, handed me a clipping of an article that she’d found about me in The Villager. I thought that was the nicest thing. So I took a photo with her, printed it out, and gave it to her the next day. Then the NEXT day, she brings me ANOTHER set of articles about marionettes. At this point, I’d really started to fall for her. So I thought: ‘Doris keeps one-upping me. So I’ve got to do something really, really nice for her.’”

sunday is laundry day 



“‘Aunt Georgie’ by George Wolfe  Plank c.1916 

Pretty aroused right now.

Kate tagged this gender fuckery (love it!!!)

spontaneous giveaway time! woo woo!
so a little while ago i decided it would be a cool idea to make temporary tattoos to sell in my shop. But the ‘transfer’ paper i bought turned out to just be some sort of weird clear paper that you just wear on your skin like a sticker, rather than the sort you got in candy cigarette packs as a child. anyways, no sense letting it go to waste: i’m going to let three of you guys test these out for me. I don’t hold out much hope for the strange mermaid tattoo stickers (unless you just decide to use them like regular stickers) so the giveaway prize will also include a few other goodies like stickers and postcards and some tiny doodles. since i’m not sure what my plans are for the next few weeks, I’m only going to give you until sunday (4th august) to enter. the rules are reblogs only and you have to be following me (new followers are welcome). I can ship internationally. Also, it would be helpful for when it comes to picking a winner if you didn’t like this post. Sunday evening (uk time) i will randomly pick three winners. the first will get the biggest mermaid and two more will get slightly smaller ones. uhhh i think that’s all.. good luck! 

She agreed to a photograph, but seemed a bit uneasy about the whole “being interviewed by a stranger” thing. I really liked the photo, so I kept trying questions, hoping to strike on one she felt comfortable answering— but no luck. Eventually she said: “This feels like a really bad date.” 


Danielle Rose

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